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Althea Neustaedter

Master artist and professor of art at SUU

“As a visual artist, I seek to engage with modern themes, welcoming open-minded perspectives, as I continuously strive to broaden my worldview by understanding diverse cultural and social standpoints. With this expanded frame of reference, I hope to thoughtfully contribute to imperative contemporary conversations across varying artistic practices. Boasting both classical training and contemporary sensibilities, my art explores an array of diverse concepts and ideas.


As an educator, I spotlight each student’s inherent artistic gifts, guiding their unique talents to harmonize in shared accomplishments reached through commitment. My aim is to ignite art’s ability to empower and propel, proving an invaluable compass for traversing today’s landscape.”

                                                                                               -Professor Neustaedter


Althea is such an amazing teacher! She consistently worked with me on my

projects to help me get them right, and her lectures and tips are so helpful.

-Anonymous Student

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