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"Why I am painting cows?


Cows give, they give everything , Milk, cheese, butter, sour cream,  Meat, bone broth, leather, swede, even there skulls are used for art after they are dead. They give to the earth. Ranchers use them to restore the land with there fertilizing abilities. 


They are Givers. They give money and  profit to everyone that touches them. 


Here where I live cows are everywhere. Since moving out here I have become Vegan. For witnessing and connecting to these animals. But in honor of what they give to us in honor of there short and beautiful lives. And the prosperity that rains from them, I am painting them. They will be displayed at the cafe for anyone who wants to buy cards or  support the message. 


Thank you wish fulfilling cows.


For all the gifts you shower us with."


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